An abiding life looks likeĀ 

Mt. Zion Church 
Pastor Jeff O’Guin 

John 14:10 

The father who dwells in me does his works 
From the root is how you get to the fruit 
John 15:3 
Abide in me 
The fruit flows out from the vine 
If we abide in Jesus we will thrive not just survive 
Abide is a powerful word 

Jesus wants us to understand 

What does it look like to live an abiding life? 

a life of Pruning

If you do not see fruit, there is no root 
If there is fruit, there is a root 

You cut the leaves off so the energy is not directed to the leaves but to fruit production instead 

We need to say yes to the kingdom more and no to other things 

a life of Pursuing Jesus 

a life of answered Prayers 

when we abide in him we can ask for him 

we will know what to ask for 

A life of  Joy and Abundance  

How do we abide?

Spend time with God

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