I remember 

Psalm 42 

14 years have been pastor here 
Remembering is a way to follow our way back to God 
Have you ever been through a time of depression or despair?

We stop spending time with others and stop doing things that give us joy 

Ecclesiastes 3:1

Verse 6 “I will remember you”

The psalms spiritual geography 

The Jordan 


Mt. Mizar

The number one cause of death in Britain and the number two in the US is dementia 

We do not want to get spiritual dementia 

Memories from my journey 

With hope to the future 

The call was one day after ministry 

Dr. Lawrence Stroble 

About a job that he had not applied for or remembered 

Had some lunch 

The interview 

If you know God has called you somewhere you can endure or do anything 

Confidence or providence? The day he became a candidate the prior ministers funding came through to go on his calling as a minister in Thailand 
Solid Rock Camp 

For 10 summers 

Land Search 

Mission Trips

Expect the unexpected 


Fall Festivals 

Kids Hope USA 

If you touch one life, you have no idea how many will be touched 

Very morning 

Max Lucado 

Miracle for your 

I am with you

Nehamiah 4:9

Trust God to do what you can’t 

Obey God and do what you can 
Dunkin’ Donuts Faith hope and love bracelet 
Oliver Wendell Holmes was getting on a train 
Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the Lord 

1 Phil 5:16-24 

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