Crossroads Dayton

Connect Grow Go

When was the two moments of 2017 where you were most alive

We are losing against not to go the way of the world

Our selfie culture is taking hold

Matthew 5:43

Love your enemies and pray for those that persecute you

We are most like Jesus when we choose empathy with our enemies

Accidental Courtesy

Daryl is a fine man

Pastor Chuck decided to get active

I have been doing ride alongs

When we choose to listen it makes a difference

To listen is to love

I am an extrovert and I like to debate so I have two strikes against me

Listening training

1) listening is the opportunity to feel warmth love and respect

Listening 101

Listen as an alley

Be present

Reflect Back

Colossians 3:13 Endure Each Other

Even when you have a friend, there are times you need to endure

There is pity, sympathy and empathy

Poor thing, coming beside is 2nd level the 3rd level is inside which is let them be your feelings

Babies die a slow death without connection

We die without connections

Jesus embodied empathy

You can do it because he has instilled it in you

God is reckless in his pursuit of you and me

God every day puts himself out there

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