Ryan and AJ Hawk

Who is better?

Rodgers or Brady?

We are biased …Rodgers

Rodgers uses his mobility for when things brakes down

Brady’s precision is amazing

Packers from the top down are a first class organization

The Packers culture is amazing

The Browns paid more money in salaries then the Packers and Patriots last year…sorry Charlie

AJ you got to be around a lot of leaders

The Players were Aaron Rodgers and Charles Woodson

Coach Ullery, Coach Tressl, Coach McCarthy

Brent Ullery is doing a great job here now

If you made it through 4 years at Centerville football you can make it anywhere

Great coaches pull you along, they challenge you

I had a goal as a 8th grader just to dress

Kirk Herbstrift whispered to him you can do it…that speaks volumes

The greatest way to win in life is work

We were not as good as Wayne or Springfield South but we were working hard

Talent does not win when talent does not work hard

Up at 4am but we never beat Coach Ullery to the stadium or gym

We need to be Competent about my craft and Go First

AJ had talent

I did not

I still need coaches

Steve Jobs berated Johny’s design team

Ives said why are you doing this

That’s your job as a leader, to challenge them to perform better

Forget about your team liking you

Lead them

Steve jobs was not perfect

Leaders are likeable but don’t necessarily need to be liked

Much rather be respected then liked

Don’t mail it in

Don’t just guard your desk

Rodney Harrison and Tom Brady

Individual Ck to VP

240 episodes Interview leaders right now

Doug Meyer

speak podcast and help companies

It was a hobby that got out of control

Sustained excellence

How you do anything is how you do everything

It is simple but not easy

Real easy to do when you feel good


The 1% of incremental gains

Implements habits, rituals and

You have never arrived, you are always. Coming

Productively paranoid

Leaders are thoughtful and reflect full and intentional

what transfers from sports

Work ethic

I found out who was the best sales guy in company and hung with him

Self assess

AJ studied Zach Thomas

Angela Duckworth is that the only talent that matters is grit

Some things you cannot hack

It is great but you need to do reps

we are growing from the foundation of Keith and Judy Hawk?

We would wake him out of a dead sleep

He showed up at every game

He brought fun into sports

I love to watch you play is the best thing to hear a parent say after a game

Personal and Professional Goals

Coach Tress would give you goals in different areas

Ryan’s personal goal is to call his mother two times a week without an ask

My goal is to make two calls a week to anybody

My Dad was Present

Be intentional about being physical and mentally there with people

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